More icebergs!

…so if you read the last post, you know that we went out in search of the behemoth iceberg today.  Good news, we saw it.  Bad news, it was pretty far off the coast and with the thick sea fog it was not possible to get a good photo :-/  BUT, we did stumble across another large iceberg not very far off the coast.


us with an iceberg

I know, my eyes are closed :-/ but it was the best photo we got today

Had a great time walking up the East Coast Trail north of Flatrock with the girls today.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but the sea fog was something else.  It’s amazing how quickly it rolls in, how thick it is, and how much it drops the temperature.  Once the fog rolls in you can’t wait to have your jacket on!  Fortunately we had some clear skies today, affording some lovely photos of and with an iceberg.



It’s always so nice to drive along the coast and take in the beautiful coastline here in Newfoundland.  Hopefully the weather continues to improve and we can make our way over to Trinity Bay in the next couple weeks to look for more.

iceberg north of Flatrock

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