Iceberg hunting in Newfoundland

The best thing about Newfoundland at this time of year is the icebergs. (Because frankly it is still pretty cold and there are as many foggy/rainy days as there are sunny ones).

iceberg in the distance

Note the ship next to it is 50′ long, so that gives you an idea of the size of the iceberg

But the icebergs are gorgeous!  This year we’ve had quite a few and the one that we saw today was the biggest either of us has ever seen.  It was off the coast of Cape Spear and was so big, we could see it from the highway over 6 miles away.  And you’d be surprised how quickly they come and go.  I was up on Signal Hill with a friend on Thursday taking pictures of a substantially smaller iceberg and even with a clear view all up and down the coast and Cape Spear in plain sight, there was no sign of the large iceberg we saw there today only 2 days later.

us with an iceberg

You can’t tell, but I’m wearing flip flops!

the girls with an iceberg

The girls enjoyed going iceberg hunting too

For those interested in doing some iceberg hunting of your own, I recommend using  They have a great interactive map with some of the largest icebergs in Newfoundland and Labrador plotted on it.  The one we saw today was listed as “medium,” but there is supposed to be one north of us that is listed as “extra large” so we plan to head out tomorrow in search of this behemoth of an iceberg.  We’ll let you know if we find it!

close-up of iceberg

iceberg off Cape Spear

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