Welcome to St. Pierre et Miquelon

As I mentioned earlier today we drove to France from St. John’s this morning. There is a small archipelago off the southern coast of Newfoundland that does in fact belong to France and it is only a 4 hour drive and an hour ferry ride away.

St Pierre ferry

The ticket office for the ferry. It leaves from St. Pierre only once a day and returns from Fortune, NL afterwards (and the ferry does not always operate every day).

The drive was lovely, with lots of diverse terrain; the ferry ride…well, I got seasick for the first time in my life. It was really hot on the boat, there were some folks with bad BO, we were pitching quite a bit as we sped across the waves, and all the other folks around us who were getting sick did not help.  But the staff was great – they were well prepared with sick bags, cold wet washcloths, and even a trash bag for one poor individual in the back.

On the ferry to St. Pierre

On the ferry (before it got moving and the seasickness ensued).

Not the best way to kick off our trip, but we survived. We didn’t explore much today (I just was not feeling up to it after the ferry), but we did walk through town to get to our little B&B which is about 10 minutes away from the dock and quite lovely. They have a separate restaurant closer to the main downtown area called Saveurs des Iles where we had a delicious 3 course prix fixe menu of scallop salad, duck filets, and creme brulee as well as a delicious bottle of wine from Bordeaux.

3 course prix fixe at Saveurs des Iles

3 course prix fixe at Saveurs des Iles in St. Pierre et Miquelon

I’m very excited to go exploring (and wine shopping!) around town tomorrow 🙂

Read about the rest of our trip to St. Pierre here.

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